Butterfly Effect – How our intentional changes impact others

Butterfly Effect – How our intentional changes impact others

Intentional change, the process of consciously and purposefully transforming oneself, has a profound impact that often ripples far beyond the individual who initiates it. Just as a small flap of a butterfly’s wings can set off a chain of events leading to significant changes in the world, our personal growth and transformation can have far-reaching consequences, touching the lives of those around us. In this blog post, we’ll explore the butterfly effect of intentional change, how it influences others, and the incredible power it holds to inspire, uplift, and induce transformation in our communities and world at large.


Understanding the Butterfly Effect

The term “butterfly effect” originated from chaos theory, suggesting that a small change in one part of a system can lead to significant alterations in another part. Applied to intentional change, it signifies that even the tiniest shifts in our lives can create profound impacts on those connected to us. Here are some key aspects of the butterfly effect in intentional change:


  1. Personal Growth Creates Positive Vibes

When we embark on a journey of personal growth and intentional change, whether through courses like this one or various other means, we often radiate positive energy. Our newfound optimism, motivation, and resilience can be contagious. Those around us pick up on these vibes and are inspired to take positive actions in their own lives. Our change becomes a beacon of hope for others, showing that transformation is possible.


  1. Leading by Example

One of the most powerful ways intentional change affects others is through leading by example. Our actions often speak louder than words. When friends, family, colleagues, or even strangers witness our dedication to self-improvement and the positive outcomes it yields, they may be encouraged to follow suit. The simple act of leading by example can ignite a chain reaction of change.  We witness and do it in our daily lives already.  When you see someone return the grocery cart, are you not also encouraged to do the same rather than push it anywhere away from your vehicle?


  1. Empowering Through Support

As we navigate our journey of intentional change, we may seek the support of others—mentors, friends, or various professionals. The knowledge, encouragement, and guidance we receive create a strong foundation for our own transformation. Yet, these individuals, also witness our growth, and in doing so, they are reminded of the potential for change and the importance of their roles in helping others achieve their goals.


  1. Enhancing Relationships

Intentional change often involves a shift in how we interact with others. As we work on our communication skills, empathy, and emotional intelligence, our relationships improve. These positive changes in our interactions can lead to healthier and more fulfilling relationships, benefiting not only ourselves but also the people we engage with regularly.  When we no longer entertain harmful forms ineffective communication techniques, such as yelling or giving the silent treatment, we come together in ways to encourage effective communication thus enhancing the relationship with the opposite party.  This does not only apply to our loved ones, but to all the many varied relationships in our lives.


The Ripple Effect in Action

To better understand the ripple effect of intentional change, let’s explore how this phenomenon plays out in various aspects of life:


  1. Families:

Parents as Role Models: When parents commit to intentional change, their children often grow up in an environment that fosters personal growth. These children are more likely to adopt similar values and habits, setting the stage for a positive intergenerational impact. This is one reason generational trauma healing has become an important and often talked about subjet.

Transforming Family Dynamics: A single family member’s commitment to change can shift family dynamics for the better. Improved communication, empathy, and conflict resolution skills can lead to stronger bonds and emotional well-being for everyone involved.

  1. Friendships:

Supportive Social Circles: When friends witness the transformational journey of one of their own, they are often inspired to initiate their change efforts. The healthy boundaries created elminate the enabling of toxic habits and behaviors both internally and externally.  This creates a network of support where each individual empowers and encourages the others to pursue their goals.

Deeper Connections: As individuals grow and evolve through intentional change, their friendships can deepen. Mutual support and understanding lead to more meaningful connections, which, in turn, contribute to the overall well-being of the group.

  1. Workplace:

Productivity and Collaboration: Employees who engage in intentional change often bring improved skills, motivation, and a positive attitude to the workplace. These qualities enhance productivity and foster collaboration, elevating the performance of the entire team.

Leadership Development: When individuals in leadership positions embrace positive intentional change, it can inspire their teams to do the same. This, in turn, contributes to a culture of continuous improvement within the organization.

  1. Communities:

Collective Impact: As individuals within a community undergo intentional change, they collectively contribute to a more vibrant and engaged society. Whether it’s volunteering, participating in local initiatives, or supporting sustainable practices, personal change can lead to a more significant impact on a community level.  For example, when one property begins to clean up and makeover their space, others are encouraged to do the same, thus bringing up the integrity and value of the neighborhood.

Nurturing the Butterfly Effect of Intentional Change

If you’re on a journey of intentional change and wish to maximize your impact on others, consider these strategies:

  1. Share Your Story:

Be open about your journey, including the challenges and triumphs. Your authenticity and vulnerability can resonate with others and inspire them to embark on their transformational paths.  When others try to discourage you, speak your truth louder.  Your bravery and courage to speak about your transformational and healing journey will give others the courage to do the same, which will ultimately lead to a broader change.

  1. Provide Support:

Actively encourage and support the personal growth efforts of those around you. Whether through mentorship, coaching, or simply being a compassionate friend, your support can be a catalyst for change in others.  Many keyboard warrior trolls will try to silence truths from being told, but when we all support and courage each other the positive transformations will thrive.

  1. Lead with Empathy:

Empathetic leadership and communication can create an environment that fosters change. By understanding the needs and perspectives of others, you can inspire and guide them toward their own intentional change.

  1. Collaborate for Greater Impact:

Join forces with others who share your values and goals. Collaborative efforts often amplify the reach and impact of intentional change initiatives.

  1. Advocate for Systemic Change:

While individual transformations are powerful, advocating for systemic change can lead to broader societal improvements. Use your personal growth and transformation as a foundation for advocating for changes that benefit your community and ultimately the world.  The power of social media has created an astronomical amount of awareness and change on many topics.

Final Thoughts

The butterfly effect of intentional change is a testament to the interconnectedness of our lives and the remarkable potential for positive impact. As individuals strive to become their best selves, they set in motion a chain of events that can touch the lives of their families, friends, colleagues, and communities, ultimately contributing to the betterment of society as a whole.

By nurturing this effect and actively sharing our transformational journeys, we have the power to inspire, uplift, and create a world where intentional change is not only celebrated but embraced as a force for good. As we flap our wings in pursuit of personal growth, let’s remember that our ripples of change have the potential to create waves of transformation for a better, more enlightened world.

Clearing Away the Overgrowth: A Journey to Finding Miracles and Joy

Clearing Away the Overgrowth: A Journey to Finding Miracles and Joy

At one point in time, I found myself trapped in a dark place, oblivious to the little miracles and positive signs in my life. Mentally and emotionally, I was stuck in survival mode, unable to recognize any abundance of goodness. It felt as if I were suffocating, just like a neglected garden overtaken by years of neglect. But little did I know, my journey to rediscovering joy and embracing positivity was about to begin.

The Struggle Within

I had allowed grief, much like this recent experience, to overgrow within me, and anger and resentment had taken control of my thoughts. My constant sense of duty left little room for joy.  The belief that success would forever elude me allowed depression and anxiety to consume me. Pain caused by others had become a constant presence in my mind, making me defensive yet wishing to fade away. The scars, in and external, are a lasting reflection of the battles fought.

The Awakening

Despite the darkness that engulfed me, a flicker of hope remained. I still believed in the possibility of magical things, although it was difficult for me to perceive them. Admitting that any miracles had occurred, especially for me, proved even more challenging. It took years of intentional effort to realize the damaging nature of my mental filter. During this transformative period, I discovered the interconnectedness of mind, body, soul, and environment, understanding that neglecting one would lead to overall unhealthiness and instability of all.

 Want to read more on healing, check out this post.

The Power of Healing

Personal therapy became an essential tool on my journey to self-discovery. Alongside seeking my own healing, I accompanied others to mental health appointments, absorbing knowledge and insights along the way. I learned that avoiding unpleasant emotions only allows them to grow bigger and more overwhelming. It was through this process that I began to clear away the overgrowth within my own life.

Nurturing the Self

Clearing away the overgrowth in our lives is akin to pruning a garden. By removing the weeds and unnecessary elements, we create space for positive growth. It is crucial to nurture ourselves, both physically and emotionally, in order to allow the things we enjoy to flourish. Just as plants require care, attention, and nourishment, so do our minds, bodies, souls, and spaces. Self-care practices such as mindfulness, exercise, and pursuing hobbies can contribute to our overall well-being.

Creating a Positive Environment

While focusing on self-nurturing, it is equally important to create a positive environment. Surrounding ourselves with supportive and uplifting individuals can have a profound impact on our journey towards joy. They help us to alleviate imposter syndrome, like my friend Samantha talks about. Toxic relationships and negative influences can hinder our growth and perpetuate the cycle of darkness. By consciously choosing to foster positive connections and eliminating toxic ones, we create a nurturing ecosystem that allows our happiness to thrive.  At first, finding the uplifting individuals can feel like an impossible task, but once we begin to crate the space within us they seem to miraculously appear.

Embracing the Miracles

As we clear away the overgrowth and nurture ourselves and our environments, we begin to see life from a new perspective. The little miracles that were once invisible now start to emerge. These miracles can manifest as meaningful coincidences, opportunities, or moments of joy and gratitude. They serve as reminders of the beauty and wonder that exist in the world, waiting to be noticed.

Resilience in the Face of Challenges

It is important to acknowledge that not everything will be perfect. Challenges and setbacks will inevitably arise, but our newfound resilience will help us weather those storms. By continuously nurturing ourselves and maintaining a positive environment, we build the strength to face adversity with courage and determination.

My journey from darkness to embracing the miracles and abundance in life was a transformative one. Years of intentional effort and self-discovery allowed me to clear away the overgrowth and nurture myself, creating an environment that fosters joy and positivity. I have learned that by embracing the interconnectedness of mind, body, and soul, we can achieve a state of holistic well-being.

As I continue on my path, I am reminded that life’s little miracles are all around us, waiting to be noticed. Embracing them with open arms and nurturing our inner selves will lead to a life filled with joy, gratitude, and resilience in the face of challenges. Let us all take the first step in clearing away the overgrowth in our lives and uncovering the miracles that await us.

What does health and happiness look like? An unpopular opinion

What does health and happiness look like? An unpopular opinion

Health and happiness can be separated into two different categories.  Plenty of people with chronic illnesses find joy.  Even though they are sick, they are working on their joy and doing what they can for their health.  People can be in top physical health, but not are extremely miserable. Can one be fully healthy without happiness, and vise versa? Maybe.

For a long time as a fitness instructor, I believed that physical health was the answer to a lot of questions.  Do the exercise programs, follow the food plans, fix many problems. That is, until doing all the exercise programs and following their recommended plans caused injury and illness.  Not to mention all the anxiety and body image issues, which have already been a struggle most of my life and was a reason I became an instructor.

I still believe that movement is an essential part of overall health and happiness.  If it weren’t important, than bedridden patients wouldn’t have someone coming in to move their limbs from time to time.  Stay too long in one spot, you risk getting bedsores, blood clots, or other sneaky scary things.  Movement creates mood enhancing hormones, but finding enlightenment outside of the gym is critical for overall wellbeing.

Society likes to tell us how we are doing everything wrong.

We’re constantly told we’re not 

good enough.  I have come to the conclusion that a lot of that noise is due to three things. 1) Marketing strategies, 2) self-projections of miserable people, and 3) power and control.  Bosses keep workers mostly unhappy, telling them that their life would be nothing without being on the payroll (Power and control). All of the diet and exercise programs makes us feel horrible for not looking like a photoshopped image so we will buy their product (marketing).  The internet is full of examples of people being jerks (self-projections).

Getting rid of that noise can be very difficult, especially if it’s junk you have heard your entire life.  Figuring out how to turn down the volume is important to both health and happiness.  When the volume on the hate is down, we become more self-aware.  We don’t push our bodies to the breaking point and can focus more on intentional movement and do things correctly.  Setting healthy boundaries becomes a thing we can do now.  We slowly start to shift our defenses and learn to allow happy moments to happen without question.

As we get rid of the noise, our overall mood changes. Our mood affects many parts of our physical operations.  People die of broken hearts.  People that look like the textbook definition of health end up with liver disease, popcorn lung, heart issues, or decide to find out what’s beyond this realm of existence on their terms.  Depression and anxiety don’t go away just because a quick glance by a medical professional says you look good. An elevated mood will not necessarily make a health condition go away, but it will help you learn to live with or manage the condition in a mentally and emotionally healthier way.

Figuring out how to get yourself out of the swamp of despair is key to a healthier life.

Figuring out the main roots of what created our swamp can create a difficult emotional journey, or admittance to something we don’t want to accept.  People are afraid of change, but change is inevitable.  None of us are who we were when we were 5, 15, or even 3 years ago.  We are conditioned to please others before ourselves, and in some societies taking care of ourselves is somewhat unacceptable.

Swamps can be created from legitimate health conditions like Ehlers-Danlos, environmental conditions like what happened in Flint Michigan, community conflicts including unaccepting parents or partners, or many other circumstances.  The question becomes: Are you willing to change what is necessary when you figure out the cause of your misery?

Sometimes parts of the cause can be edited, such as repurposing or decorating a space, evicting specific people from our lives, finding a medical/mental health team that doesn’t dismiss you, or even a complete movement and food intake makeover.  What if it’s the entire community’s way of life that’s the problem?  You have to ask yourself what you are willing to continue to tolerate, what you can place boundaries around, and what has to completely change in order to create the life you can be ok having lived.

If you’re ready to start your journey to change your life, I invite you to check out my self paced Pillars of Transformation course.

2019/2020 – The Beginning of an End of My World

2019/2020 – The Beginning of an End of My World

The end of 2019 was the beginning of the end of life as we knew it. Plans and actions were in place to satisfy my various interests. Mistic Freed, my new pride and joy, was just getting off the ground. A bucket list vacation to Scotland was the next thing to check off the list. Life was not that bad. Until it was.

Night fever, Night fever….

I remember when I was in 4th grade and caught the flu. I was an emotional wreck on the couch for a week. I remember crying over the most ridiculous things: food and drink commercials on tv (couldn’t keep anything down), my cat looking at me like I was an idiot and walking away, wanting to be in my room but the couch was in the living room (couches are always better when you’re sick). Ridiculous, right? I’m pretty sure my mother wanted to end me before it was all over.

That horrible week was nothing compared to the hitchhiker that found its way into my body during that bucket list trip. I was on the tail end of recovering from a cold when we left for London & Scotland, so when I started to cough and feel a bit achy the last night we were in Europe, I had assumed it was the cold back for another round. It’s not like I was getting the best R&R time running around all day, sometimes in the rain. A few days after getting back, the cough got worse. So did the aches, pains, fever and OH MY GAWD THE EXHAUSTION. It sounds strange, but it’s like I could feel it in my blood, especially in my arms. Everything was swollen. For the first time ever I had “pouty” lips.

Nothing Helped Much. Depression Was Taking Over.

I was doing everything I could think of and every trick in the book, but this thing was relentless. The coughing got so bad I had my person take me to the urgent care to see if I actually needed a prescription. After a miserable time sitting there coughing up a storm, a lot of side eye’s from the medical staff, and a chest x-ray, the doc said I had viral bronchitis. He was thorough, and a nice guy, but I could tell he thought I was too sick to have gone in. So the usual: rest, fluids, breathing treatments, blah blah blah NO TEACHING FITNESS CLASSES UNTIL THIS GOES AWAY. Even though I trusted the doctor, that little voice inside was telling me he unknowingly wrong, but I was too exhausted to say anything else.

In the news they were talking abo

ut a virus that was causing some problems in China. A doctor had gotten in trouble for telling his colleagues a new pneumonia was going around and to use a little extra caution treating patients so they wouldn’t catch it. For some reason it was catching media attention, because why would a doctor get in so much trouble for reminding his colleagues to wear their masks and wash thoroughly when treating these specific patients? Why did the colleagues get in trouble when they were consulting with each other about what treatments were & weren’t working to treat this unusual “pneumonia” and possible “bronchitis” patients? Something wasn’t right, just like I knew something wasn’t right with my diagnosis.

Had to do SOMETHING physical, even if it killed me

After a couple weeks off, I had started teaching my Zumba Gold class again because I could do that sitting if needed. It was the middle of holiday season, so classes weren’t going to be consistent anyway, and exercise is good for the immune system. It would be a motivator to get me out of the mental funk and start recovering. That’s what I told myself.

Around Christmas time, a few of us were visiting my brother. I was in this weird “better but not” stage. I didn’t need the breathing treatments regularly, yet was still easily exhausted, “bloated” and still felt weird internally. This fricken virus was taking a toll on my mental and physical health. I was beating myself up because Mistic Freed, my new life coaching business, was taking a hard hit. Depression was creeping in more than I realized. Then it happened. I slipped coming down the stairs. I slipped down one freaking step, but it was enough to dislocate my knee cap….again.

Life was changing, and NOT how I had planned

Upon returning home from my brothers, I made an appointment with my chiropractor, whom I have a LOT of trust in and usually go to him first with any injury to decide the best course of action. He looked at my knee and was not happy. Off he sent me to my physical therapist with strict instruction NOT to be doing anything more than absolute necessary walking until my PT cleared me for more. Crap. He had never gotten that stern about previous injuries, so I knew it was bad. My PT confirmed that it was not good. At least 2 months, NO FITNESS TEACHING, no workouts or usage beyond his specific instructions.

Hello darkness my old friend. Is this going to be the end?

I tried to find the positives about the situation. The forced down time would force me to get over the virus I hadn’t been able to completely shake. I would have a bit more time & energy to work on my side biz. I wouldn’t be driving home so late on nights I would normally be at the gym. In reality, no matter how hard I tried, my world was getting dangerously dark. For the next two months even though I was appearing at work, going through the motions at home, and posting what was necessary online while taking a marketing class in a desperate attempt to not fail again at another business attempt, a big part of me was inviting death to come in.

Who was I to think I had any business to help others when my life was one shit show after another? How could I help people transform to get out of their own swamps if I couldn’t get out of mine? How could I help people stay motivated to keep moving when I was constantly getting injured over stupid things? Who the hell was I to talk about learning to love oneself when I wasn’t sure I wanted to even be around me anymore? WHO THE HELL WAS I?!?!?!?!

I can’t say I was actively doing anything that would have ended my life but waking up each day was getting to be extremely disappointing. Every day driving into and from work I wondered if today would or could be the day I became one of those crash statistics. I’ve got a vivid imagination sometimes and the thoughts were getting darker and darker.

On March 1st 2020, after appointments with my medical team, they all said I could no longer teach fitness classes at the Y. Part of me knew they were going to say that, but my heart still broke. I went to the gym and told my boss what the verdict was. I took one last slow look around, took a big breath, and forced myself to walk, not run, back to my car, head down. After a good hard cry, I drove the 30 miles home with tears still rolling down my face. The Y had been a part of me for so long, and now because of a fricken illness that was taking FOREVER to recover from and slipping off of one damn stair, I was forced to say good-bye. All the time and money spent on training to get licensed and certified in various things, all of the goals and dreams created from this little side hobby ripped away because of one virus and one stupid injury. I felt dead inside and would have welcomed it completely.

I can survive this

Two weeks later COVID-19 shut down the world. That catastrophic event was miraculously the beginning of my recovery and major transformation, but that’s a story for another time.

She who does the laundry keeps the change

She who does the laundry keeps the change

During the pandemic, and possibly due to aging, it’s become important to reduce the amount of chemicals and garbage in this house. One has plagued me though, and that’s been how to get the laundry clean while fulfilling current transformation goals.

Over the years, sensitivities to products have become an increasing issue. Powdered soaps had to be stopped before I was out of high school. A brand of liquid would work for a while, but then reactions would happen. It’s been a struggle to find one that wouldn’t make skin dry, itchy, or break out in various types of rashes AND properly clean everything.

A foreign exchange student that stayed with me for about a month had told me that her family uses vinegar to wash clothes. For the past 3 years I started using a little bit of the one laundry detergent that so far hadn’t completely irritated me along with white vinegar. It has done an ok job, but I’ve been going through large bottles of vinegar like crazy since it’s become the go-to base for everything from mop water to weed killer. Adding a half a cup or so to every load of laundry empties a bottle quick.

A business mentor gave a quick review of her experience with Tru Earth laundry strips that she started using in her Tiny home. I have a lot of trust when she says something works, so ordered a year supply right then and there. Oh boy, what had I done?

Turns out they really are as amazing as so many others have proclaimed. Here’s my list of PRO’s and CONS’s.


1) Space Saver! The box of strips is a lot smaller than the bottle of vinegar plus laundry soap. Clear the clutter!!!!

2) No Residue in my washer. I have a front load HE washer/dryer stacked in my laundry room. Have you ever pulled out the drawer your soap goes in? GROSS! Even with using a lot more vinegar than soap, there would be buildup in the back. So far, I haven’t seen that after using the strips.

3) Cleans and softens. I don’t use dryer sheets anymore, except occasionally on blankets to help with the pet hair issue. Things that go in the dryer get the dryer balls; other things get hung. Everything that has gotten washed with the Tru Earth strips looks and feels cleaner AND is softer.

4) Less mess for clumsy me. I drop things ALL THE TIME which means many messes to clean. I don’t know how many times I dumped soap down the front of the washer onto the floor. Let’s not forget what happens when a bottle of detergent hits the floor. NIGHTMARE! I dropped the box of strips, scattering them out a bit. Easy pick up and no having to scrub things down. Winner-winner chicken dinner!

5) No powerful smell. I did buy lightly scented sheets, but I can’t smell anything on my clothes or blankets.

6) Travel Friendly Laundry Cleaning. Planning a trip? Gonna need to wash clothes while you’re away? This is the perfect travel friendly laundry detergent. No taking up precious space in your wet bag or having to worry about it opening in your checked luggage being tossed around. Put a few sheets in a baggy and you’re good to go.


1) Price. During February, Tru Earth has a sale going on which is why I ordered at the beginning of the month. Even with the sales prices it’s a chunk of change at the beginning. I know over the year I’ll save money, but it did me flinch at how much I spent to “try” it out.

2) Online Ordering with subscription only. It’s amazing that we can go online and order anything and have it shipped right to our doors. However, I do still like to try and support local businesses. Plus, if something happens to the box of strips, like my clumsy self dropping it into the utility sink that’s filling up a mop bucket, I can’t run to the store to buy more. Plus, you have to create an account that automatically signs you up for auto-shipping based on your initial order. You can cancel/change it at any time, but it’s still ANOTHER account you must create.

Overall, I’m satisfied with the leap of faith taken with buying a year supply of laundry cleaning sheets. I would strongly recommend this product, especially if you have sensitivities to other laundry products. I do not have an affiliate account, so won’t get anything if you try them. Here’s the link for you to check them out. Tru Earth Laundry Strips – Eco-friendly Laundry Detergent Sheets – Tru Earth Laundry Strips – Eco-friendly Laundry Detergent Sheets