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Only YOU have the power to create an AMAZING life for yourself.  I’m the guide to help you get there. 

Shelly Coster is a Personal Transformation Coach and the founder of Mistic Freed, an online holistic healing platform supporting women with designing their lives. She has over a decade of experience in the wellness industry. Her journey took her from the gym, as a certified fitness instructor into the online space after realizing “health” is so much more than the body. She has studied Reiki, Neuro-Lingustic Programming (NLP) and hypnosis, along with countless other alternative healing modalities, honing her skills as a mindset coach and spiritual practitioner. Shelly also has a degree in Interior Design and Drafting Technology, giving her a unique perspective on how our environments, impact the rest of our lives. Her courses and programs, support her clients with full life transformations—mind, body, soul and environment.

I really needed to focus on myself and didn’t know where to start. The daily gratitude tracking was a great first step and made me think of the good versus the bad. I found I had started some changes and got the motivation to keep it up and add more. If you need a refocus and not sure how or where to start take a class from this lady!! 


When you are trying to improve an area of your life, isn’t it best to learn from someone who completely understands where you currently are? Shelly is that woman. She is compassionate, filled with ideas, and wants you to transform your life. She understands the struggles and the rollercoaster of emotions that this journey can have on you. I am grateful to have found Shelly. I highly recommend her to help you transform your life.


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I participated in an amazing webinar hosted by Shelly. It was so inspiring. And just what I needed to jump start my resolutions for the year. If you have the opportunity to work with Shelly Coster I recommend it. She is non judgemental and inspires you to achieve.


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You’re inspiring, just so you know


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